ковролин Gattea


“Less forms the new opulence”. This motto is rooted in the effect created by the only
woven carpet in Fascination. Gattea is a modern, very flat weave that masters the
balancing act between textile and hard flooring products while uniting the benefits of
both – textile feel and even height.

Though not soft to the touch, the tightly woven yarns produce a distinct surface structure. The consequence: a pleasant, massage-like feeling of walking comfort topped off by a certain flair at home. The colouration for Gattea is calm, pure and minimalistic: mineral-based hues and the linear groove structure balance each other to the utmost. 13 colour schemes, for instance muted shades of beige, brown and green, a grey-blue and an apricot-rosé, bring natural nuances to residential space – a mega-trend of our times.






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